Charter Klipper De Hollandia

Cruising area’s


Port of Embarkation german harbor

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Sailing Harlingen . In the summer we generally sail from Harlingen on the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer . In bad weather or on request, we look at the Frisian waterways . In the winter the Hollandia in Leeuwarden serves as a hotel ship and meeting location . Furthermore, we sail in winter sailing trips to the Wadden Islands.

accessibility. Both Harlingen and Leeuwarden,are reachable by public transport, its also well reachable by car.The train from Leeuwarden stops at the harbor of Harlingen. From Amsterdam it is an hour to Friesland by car. From the seaport of Harlingen Wadden Islands are all within easy reach and it is still possible to really enjoy tranquility and nature through the locks at Kornwerderzand. About one hour drive from Harlingen is the IJsselmeer, where treks trough the Frisian or North Holland coast can be made .

A unique experience

because of the tides and tidal sandbanks  sailing on the mudflats is an experience that leaves a deep and lasting impression on many people.