Charter Klipper De Hollandia

The Hollandia


100 years the Hollandia

History of sailing ship Hollandia

In 1913, the Hollandia got built in Raamsdonkveer. The Hollandia is named Raspoetin. The Raspoetin has carried cargo. Much of the history is unknown.

In 1987 Mr. Hoogeveen buys Raspoetin. Mr. Hoogeveen had a  few cloting companies and has sold everything. His son builds a charter. And Mr. Hoogeveen also wants to take action. He wants to build a luxury comfortable ship. He also wants to do it differently. Therefore it will become a white ship with red white blue stripes . Even the sails are red and blue stripes.

He buys the hull and let the hull be build into the Hollandia. The Hollandia comes directly under sea going approval. The first years  the Hollandia was also sailing from Denmark.

In 1994, Mark Jongedijk and Esther Fisher go payed sail for Mr. Hoogeveen. Mr. Hoogeveen then puts the ship for sale. After a day trip with the ABN-AMRO they are thinking of buying the boot. In early 1995, Mark and Esther are the proud owners of the Hollandia .

We want this year to pay attention to the 100th anniversary of the Hollandia . Guests will be festively welcomed on arrival with a drink and a snack .